Monday, 25 June 2012

Porthmeor  Crashing Surf 10x16 Available

The waves can really be really dramatic on Portmeor Beach
Porthgwidden Surf 10x16. Available.

 A painting from a visit to St Ives last Year

Seaview 12x18 Available
Priory Bay 12x18 Available

Two new paintings oil on panel recording many walks I have along the beautiful waterfront and beaches at Seaview. The first is a view from the foot of thee highstreet across the solent. The fleet of local rainbow coloured Mermaids are seen racing around local marks,

The second painting shows Priory Bay on an eairly Summer lunch time with the tide just going out. Good memories.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Freshwater Crashing Surf 10x16 Available

My blog has been quite for some time now. I have been busy moving house and studio. I have managed to do some painting  in this time though.( besides doors and walls!)

Hope you like the new paintings, please look in again over the next few days as I post new images.

Breaking Surf 12x18 Available.
Compton Wave 10x16. SOLD

Lantic Bay 12x18 SOLD

High Tide 10x16 Available