Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sennen Reef Break Oil on Panel 9x14 inch

 The second of my recent Sennen paintings. This seascape shows an incomming wave breaking over a submerged ledge. Now SOLD

Sennen High Tide 9x14 inch. seascape oil on panel

 With the tide on the push at sennen the in comming breakers roll over the rock covered shore line. SOLD

Friday, 9 December 2011

Porthmeor Beach Sunset

This time Porthmeor Beach St Ives , looking towards Mans Head. Looking forward to some new trips and inspiration for paintings in the New Year.

Godrevy Light House

I began work on a series of small paintings this week, I came across this photo I took whilst taking a walk along the beach at Godrevy, such images and the memories it provokes really gets me excited about painiting .

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Miniature Marine Gallery Added

Schooners off Ryde 4inx8inch Available

I have added a new Miniature Marine Gallery on my website. follow the link to the right of the page to visit it. The Miniature Gallery will feature Marine Paintings of 7x10inches and less

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Small Format paintings

Porthqwidden Beach 8.5x15

Jade Glory 3 10x16

Jade Glory 6 12x16 Available

Priory Bay

Priory Bay 12x16

Whilst strolling along Priory Bay near Seaview I was rewarded with the beautiful sight of the sun bouncing of the small wavelets of the retreating tide. could not resist a painting.

My smallest painting ever

This is my smallest ever painting 3x5inch it was done to see how much detail I could get into a small scale.

Small format paintings

Freshwater Summer Surf 10x16

Freshwater rolling surf 12x16

A couple of recent paintings depicting the awsome waves at Freshwater
the largest wave painting of the year 60x32, needed a large wall

Herreshoff Defenders

Some ideas I have been playing around with for future yachting paintings. They dipict some of the famous Americas Cup Defenders designed by Nat Herreshoff they  including Vigilant, Colonia, Defender and Columbia.

There appears to be a negativity about close up deck views for yachting paintings but I love the power and drama the viewpoint gives. what do you think?

Fowey River Summer Exhibition

Symphony in Blue 21x42

Carlyon Bay Breaker 23inchx42inch
Incomming Tide North Cornwall 14x30
Lantic Bay 28inchx48inch

Lantic Bay  Surf 21x42

A friend of mine recommended a visit to Lantic Bay when we visited Fowey. I said it was stunning, but a bit of a track, he said he'd never been down to the beach as its such a long climb. I'll forgive him as the painting that it inspired is one of my favourites, it almost painted itself

Fowey River Gallery Exhibition Summer 2011

Atlantic Surf 21inchx42inch

What a wonderful feeling to stand on the rocks and watch the waves roll in.

The Fower River Gallery exhibition was a wonderful chance to try out my waves on a large scale. I was very pleased with the results. Hope you like them. 2012 will certainly see more work in this format.

Monday, 5 December 2011

The waves crash into the narrow confines of Freshwater Bay leaping over the rocks scattered across the bay. Painting Available

The developers want to destroy it by building a rotting seaweed filed harbour to be used by the odd visiting gin palace in the summer. Never mind the thousands who sit on its beaches throughout the year.

Freshwater Breaker 10x16inches. available