Thursday, 20 December 2012

" My imagination began to take flight the more I began to tap into my own experiences"

" after learning from the work of others, which we must do, prepare your hearts for the great leap, and srike out on your own! Discover for yourself your own path built from your own passions and experiences. The road is hard at times, but it can be done. we all fear the judgement and disapproval of others, and we hope by clinging to borrowed identities- which we imagine are far greater, and more satisfying than our own- that we might circumvent the growing pains and exposure of an unaffected vision."

" the aim is to be authentic - to thine own self be true. by doing so you will inevitably be original, because not one of us is exactly the same"

some great words from Julio Reyes featured in International Artist no 87 Oct Nov2012

When you get the tide pushing in at Sennen cove you get some breathtaking waves as the surf breaks over the rock cover beach. Oil om panel 8.5x16

Prioy Bay Oil on Panel 12x18

Priory Bay 12x18 Oil on panel

One of my Seaview panaramas showing the view from the bottom of Seaview highstreet. Oil on panel 12x18 Available

A second painting depicting the Rainbow fleet of Seaview Mermaids.

Seaview Mermaids 2012 8.5x15
Mariquita depicted during this years 2012 Westward Cup Oil on panel 10x16

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

This year we where very lucky to witness the return to the Solent of 4 J class yachts, Rainbow, Ranger, Lion Heart and Velsheda. This painting 10x16 was undertaken to look for ways of depicting the modern rigs and large carbon fiber sails to best effect. The painting depicts Velsheda and Rainbow off the East Lepe. The Painting is Available.

The first projects of 2013 will be 2 larger yachting paintings and a number of waves including some large format waves. Ill post images when they are finished.

This small painting 10x18 was done as a study of the solent, when the clouds cast shadows on the waters surface as they scud across the sky.

The painting depicts the newly completed Britannia off the East Lepe in 1899. The painting is available.

I enjoyed painting the last small painting so much I thought Id try it in a different format and from a slightly different angle. The yachts are again left to right Defender, Columbia Colonia and Vigilant. The painting measures 12x24 inches.
This  new small painting 10x18 inch depicts the Herreshoff Americas Cup Defenders on the New Yotrk Yacht Club Cruise of 1899,( left to right Defender, Columbia, Colonia and Vigilant. Colonia had been modified in 1896 in to a schooner, she had lost out to Vigilant in the Americas Cup trial of 1893)

Friday, 14 December 2012

For me" Art is the expression of the excitement of life".

Monday, 29 October 2012

Well its been a busy season here on the Isle of Wight. We have had the Westward Cup , J class and Super yacht regattas this year in the Solent as well as the annual Cowes Classic week. After the awesome sights of this summer I am very excited to get painting.

The painting  below 12x24 inch depicts the classic Fife Ketch Eilean racing of Cowes during this years Classic Cowes Week. I like this view point and intend to do more.

The following is a small format painting also inspired by the classic Ketch Eilean racing Savannah  during Classic Cowes Week.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Porthmeor  Crashing Surf 10x16 Available

The waves can really be really dramatic on Portmeor Beach
Porthgwidden Surf 10x16. Available.

 A painting from a visit to St Ives last Year

Seaview 12x18 Available
Priory Bay 12x18 Available

Two new paintings oil on panel recording many walks I have along the beautiful waterfront and beaches at Seaview. The first is a view from the foot of thee highstreet across the solent. The fleet of local rainbow coloured Mermaids are seen racing around local marks,

The second painting shows Priory Bay on an eairly Summer lunch time with the tide just going out. Good memories.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Freshwater Crashing Surf 10x16 Available

My blog has been quite for some time now. I have been busy moving house and studio. I have managed to do some painting  in this time though.( besides doors and walls!)

Hope you like the new paintings, please look in again over the next few days as I post new images.

Breaking Surf 12x18 Available.
Compton Wave 10x16. SOLD

Lantic Bay 12x18 SOLD

High Tide 10x16 Available