Thursday, 20 December 2012

" My imagination began to take flight the more I began to tap into my own experiences"

" after learning from the work of others, which we must do, prepare your hearts for the great leap, and srike out on your own! Discover for yourself your own path built from your own passions and experiences. The road is hard at times, but it can be done. we all fear the judgement and disapproval of others, and we hope by clinging to borrowed identities- which we imagine are far greater, and more satisfying than our own- that we might circumvent the growing pains and exposure of an unaffected vision."

" the aim is to be authentic - to thine own self be true. by doing so you will inevitably be original, because not one of us is exactly the same"

some great words from Julio Reyes featured in International Artist no 87 Oct Nov2012

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