Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Isle of Wight Beach Paintings

A Walk Along Compton Beach
Oil on Panel 7x10

Compton Beach holds many great memories, it is the beach on the Isle of Wight that the Islanders use to get away from it all. Its long flat beach is great for kids to paddle and build sand castles. This painting was inspired by a walk one sunny afternoon towards the end of summer. To enquire about this painting  follow the link Enquire Compton Beach  . To view similar work follow the link Isle of Wight Seascapes

Priory Bay
Summer Memories no 2
Oil on Panel 7x10

On the North Eastern coast of the Isle of Wight close to where the Solent opens to the English Chanel is Priory Bay at Seaview. Another favourite beach for kids to paddle and go crabbing. To enquire about this painting follow the link Enquire Priory Bay or to view similar Paintings follow the link Priory Bay Paintings

Final Wave Paintings of 2013

 Brook 10x16
Oil on Panel

 Summer Memories
Oil on Panel

Compton Surf
Oil on Panel 7x10

Priory Bay Tonal 12x18

Priory Bay Tonal No2
Oil on Panel

This is the second painting in my tonal series, a series I'll be developing next year. It depicts the large flat beach of Priory Bay on the north Easter shore of the Isle of Wight opposite Portsmouth. too see more Priory Bay or Isle of Wight Scenes follow the following link to my website Priory Bay Paintings

Website Update

Ive been busy updating my website, making it a little quicker for people to find work of interest to them.

Ive added three new Galleries, " The Surf Gallery which focuses on Wave paintings. "  Cornwall Seascapes  Which has a prime focus on Cornwall Beaches and"Isle of Wight Seascapes which focuses on scenes from the Isle of Wight. click on any of the links to see more